Grapevine Decorative Stained Glass Window Film

Grapevine decorative see through film adds a bit of nature to windows and doors. This stained glass design with a clear background adds a decorative element to the glass while allowing easy viewing through the glass. Also available in a Grapevine Privacy Film. The pattern on this film repeats every 12" in both directions.

How about a pretty grape design on your glass wine cooler or pantry door?

Please note that although we do our best to show the correct colors, every computer monitor displays colors a little differently. The colors showing on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual product.

Grapevine Decorative Stained Glass Film

Wallpaper For Windows Brand

Available in Sizes:
16" x 86" Camera Icon $39.95
24" x 37" - $24.95
24" x 86" Camera Icon $57.95
32" x 86" Camera Icon $69.95

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Additional Views

Dining Room Glass with Grapevine Film
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Grapevine Decorative Stained Glass on Kitchen Window
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Door with Grapevine Film for Decoration
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Grapevine on Door Glass Allows Visibility
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Features - Specifications
  1. Adhesive free static cling film.
  2. Applies with window cleaner or soapy water solution.
  3. Clings to any flat, smooth, non-porous glass or Plexiglas surface.
  4. Clean as you would normal glass with glass cleaner and soft rag or paper towels.
  5. Moisture and steam have no affect. Ideal for bathrooms or showers enclosures.
  6. Vinyl 8-mil film helps insulate glass and save energy.
  7. Softens and diffuses glare of harsh sun but still allows most light through.
  8. Filters 95% of damaging UV rays.
  9. Reduces visibility somewhat - primarily for decorative affect.
  10. Easy to trim to size with sharp scissors or utility knife.
  11. Removes easily with no residue when it's time to redecorate.
  12. Instructions and application squeegee are included.
  13. All products and packaging made in U.S.A.

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