Austin Frosted Privacy Window Film

Austin window film is a versatile pattern that goes with every decor. Similar to what some people call rice paper window film, this glass privacy film can be used on small areas like glass cabinet doors, or on windows, glass doors and partitions. This has always been a popular choice for customers wanting to add the elegance of decorative privacy glass to their home or used as a garage door window film.

Austin Privacy Window Film

Wallpaper For Windows Brand

Available in Sizes:
16" x 74" - $34.95
16" x 96" - $43.95
24" x 37" - $24.95
24" x 74" - $49.95
24" x 96" - $59.95
32" x 74" - $64.95
32" x 96" - $74.95
48" x 74" - $84.95
48" x 96" - $99.95

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Additional Views

Austin Privacy Window Film on partitioned window
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Bedroom window with Austin Privacy Window Film
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Austin Window Film adds privacy and style
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Austin Film provides privacy for entry and sidelight glass
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Video below shows degree of privacy Austin provides.

Features - Specifications
  1. Adhesive free static cling film.
  2. Applies with window cleaner or soapy water solution.
  3. Clings to any flat, smooth, non-porous glass or Plexiglas surface.
  4. Clean as you would normal glass with glass cleaner and soft rag or paper towels.
  5. Moisture and steam have no affect. Ideal for bathrooms or showers enclosures.
  6. Vinyl 8-mil film helps insulate glass and save energy.
  7. Softens and diffuses glare of harsh sun but still allows most light through.
  8. Filters 95% of damaging UV rays.
  9. Hides or reduces an unwanted or unappealing view.
  10. Easy to trim to size with sharp scissors or utility knife.
  11. Removes easily with no residue when it's time to redecorate.
  12. Instructions and application squeegee are included.
  13. All products and packaging made in U.S.A.
Unsolicited Customer Comments

"Our garage was always dark because we kept the verticals closed so people couldn't see what was inside. The Austin privacy film let us open the blinds without worrying." - Evelyn - Phoenix, AZ

"Just wanted to let you know the film arrived today, it was very easy to put up, took my husband about an hour for 8 garage door windows. It looks great, lets lots of light in but blocks the view so nobody can see in. Thank you so much, just wanted you to know this is a great product and thank you for the fast shipping. Blessings," - Renee - Chestertown, NY

"I received my order #42558 and just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the order and found it very easy to apply, and are very pleased with the final results. We put it on our bathroom window and my wife is so happy with it. The other one went in our entry-way door and it looks great. Thanks" - Marvin - Lancaster, CA

" Received and installed. Was very easy and looks great. Thank You" - Harriett - Austin, TX


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